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Community Schools
in Action

Every community school looks slightly different, because it is developed through mutually beneficial partnerships with students, families, community agencies, businesses, and residents that are unique to that community.

Check out these
community school profiles to learn more about the powerful community school work of one district and two schools in Illinois.

You can also view these videos to really see community schools in action!

Community Schools Map

There are nearly 200 community schools in urban, surburban, and rural communities all over Illinois. Click on the interactive map to learn more about community schools in your area.  

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Working together the Federation and its members achieve success!
The Federation for Community Schools is a coalition of individuals and organizations working together to promote policies that support the advancement of community schools throughout Illinois. Federation members receive many benefits from participating in the coalition.  Visit our interactive map of community schools in Illinois. 

Why Become a Member 
Once you complete and submit a membership form, you will become a member of the Federation and receive all the benefits associated with membership.  Federation provides its members with the following opportunities:

  1. Up-to-date information about issues pertaining to community schools;
  2. Opportunities for peer-to-peer mentoring and networking through monthly meetings and annual conferences;
  3. Access to professional development related to establishing and maintaining a high quality community school;
  4. Ability to learn more through the Federation's clearinghouse of community school best practices and emerging research findings;
  5. Talking points on community schools to help coalition members discuss their schools' experience within the larger framework of community schools; and
  6. Access to information about potential sustainability opportunities as they emerge.

In return for all of this, the Federation asks that its members actively participate in the advocacy plans and activities as developed collectively by the Federation's stakeholders.  We work to improve local, state, and federal level policy, by educating policymakers about community schools and their outcomes and by keeping the media informed of all your great work.  The Federation is committed to working with our members to get the word out about the powerful impact community schools have for the students, the school, and the community.

We encourage you to join today!

Program Advisory Committee (PAC)
The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) serves as the leadership body of the Federation's members.  Five members of the PAC also serve as voting members on the Federation’s Board of Directors to ensure that the Board has direct input from the stakeholders and practitioners woking in community schools. It is important to note that the PAC seats are not dedicated to the individual or that person's organization, but are the combination of both person and organization represented.  The following outlines the roles and responsibilities of PAC members:  

  1. Actively participate in all stakeholder committee meetings and serve as a stakeholder member
  2. Articulate and influence the state and federal policy agenda
  3. Effectively communicate with and between stakeholders and serve as a voice of the stakeholder members to the greater public
  4. Secure endorsement of the Federation's policy agenda from their organization
  5. Invest in moving forward the vision of Community Schools

Federation Subcommittees
We regularly convene ad-hoc subcommittees of our membership that help guide specific areas of our work.  Our Advocacy and Professional Development Subcommittees meet regularly to help us achieve our mission.  There are also times when additional subcommittees are formed to work on specific projects, like development of an implementation tool or planning for our annual conference.  If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Federation by joining one of our subcommittees, please contact Havilah Darnieder.