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The Federation for Community Schools prioritizes advocacy that sustains and expands community schools. We endorse legislation that promotes innovative collaborations and strengthens partnerships between community-based organizations, school administration, educators, parents and students. We endorse efforts that seek to empower parents and guardians as advocates for their children and as partners in decisions about their children’s education. Lastly, we believe that responsibility for student success extends beyond education agencies and school districts, and we will work to break down silos that exist at all levels of government.


Latest State Budget Update - July 2015

Senate Passes Every Child Achieves Act 

Good News for Community Schools!

Today the Senate passed the Every Child Achieves Act (ECAA), legislation that proposes to replace No Child Left Behind (NCLB). 

ECAA included strong support for community schools. The Senate passed Senator Sherrod Brown's (D-OH) community schools amendment, establishing a Full Service Community Schools program within the Department of Education, as well as an amendment to allow Title IV dollars to be used for community school work.


This is great news for community schools in Illinois and around the country, and a great example of bipartisan support for this work. Your voice made this victory possible! We thank all of our members who took to social media, email, and phone to advocate for community schools and educating lawmakers on how this work impacts our children, families, and communities.


We encourage you to thank Senator Durbin for his support of community school amendments. You can use these sample Tweets and contact information as a guide.


What's next?

The House passed their version of the NCLB, called Student Success Act, rewrite a few weeks ago. It does not include as much support for community schools as the Senate version does and proposed some changes to the 21st CCLC program.


But the process to reauthorize NCLB has a few more steps to go through -- so we have more opportunities to advocate for our community school work. 


Next, the Senate and the House go into conference, where they will try to develop a bill that includes elements of both the House and Senate versions. Should they come to an agreement, then the revised bill will then go to a vote in both chambers before being sent to the President to be signed, should it pass both chambers. 


This means that our advocacy efforts need to continue! In the coming weeks, we will send additional updates and opportunities for you to engage our lawmakers and make sure new Federal education legislation includes strong support for community schools. 


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